Head Cheese-maker, working a

fresh batch of Mozzarella!

Wise words from two amazing men we at HCC&M admire!

    "Show up and pay attention"

    "Work smarter not harder"

    "Have a 'get 'er done' attitude"

    "Have a nice day"‚Äč

    "Life is good"

In 1958, a young 16-year-old voiced the desire to provide an opportunity for jobs that would allow individuals, like his uncles, who were ordinary, hard working farmers, to have a retirement and live well.  He has done this successfully as an entrepreneur of another business and now in his retirement, plans to do it again. Only this time it's cheese. (At 16 years old he also voiced his belief that cheese should be made locally using milk from nearby farms and that he would like to have a cheese plant someday)

Now he has the added incentive to be able to do it with family, who have the same vision, and a longtime friend who is also retired from his own business.  It's a way of giving back to the community where his dream originated.

Simply put: to give the common men and women a worthwhile job opportunity where they can excel.  "We believe it is more important to teach a man to fish than to give him a fish, so that knowing how to fish he will always have food."