Cheese Curds

Description: Deliciously smooth, soft and spreadable cheese. Perfect substitute for cream cheese or sour cream in recipes.

Ingredients: Pasteurized milk, cultures, enzymes, salt.

Flavors: Plain, Dill, Pepper Jack, Chive

Description:  Cheddar-style cheese with a Toasted Goat Winery Pinot Noir and Petite Sirah blend infusion. This results in a very unique fruity and floral cheese which leaves your tastebuds dancing.
Ingredients:​ Pasteurized milk, cultures, enzymes, salt, and Wine.

Description:​  Firm and dry with a deliciously sharp bite. 

Nutty and fruity notes with a creamy finish.

Perfect for a grilled cheese or a juicy grilled burger.

Ingredients: Pasteurized milk, cultures, enzymes, salt.

Creamery Feta

​​ACS Competition Denver, Co 2017 Bronze !!

MD Cheese Guild Gold Medal 2017!!

The Rev Reserve Coffee Cheddar

Description: Using a blend coffee from Rise Up Coffee this cheese is robust and unique. Notes of chocolate and the flavor of roasted coffee beans cover your palette and entice you to take another bite. The Rev Reserve has a Natural Olive Oil and Coffee rind.

Ingredients:​ Pasteurized milk, cultures, enzymes, salt, coffee, olive oil.

Buzzed Bovine Cheddar Style

Fresh Mozzarella

Cheesehouse Spreads

The Casselman X-Sharp Aged Cheddar

Description:​ Milky and creamy with a smooth, buttery and clean finish. Perfect for a fresh Caprese Salad or melted on top of a freshly made flatbread or pizza.

Ingredients: Pasteurized milk, cultures, enzymes, salt.

MD Cheese Guild Gold Medal Award 2017

Description: Salty and a pronounced bite from longer aged brining. Dry texture with a smooth and delightfully tangy finish.  Perfect to be paired with jellies and preserves or on a fresh salad.

Ingredients: Pasteurized milk, cultures, enzymes, salt.

Description:​ Delicious little bites of fresh cheese before they are formed into wheels of Cheddar or balls of Mozzarella. Moist, Squeaky and Salty deliciousness with amazing snackability. Great breaded and deep fried as well as a topping your dish of Poutine.

Ingredients: Pasteurized milk, cultures, enzymes, salt.

Flavors: Plain, Crabby (Old Bay), Dill, Pepper Jack

The Casselman: Our two year and older aged Cheddar which is very dry and hearty. Extra Sharp and complex with an explosion of flavor that continues to develop until the nutty savory finish. Great by itself or paired with a dry red wine.

Meadow Mountain: A Cheddar-Style cheese with an herbal explosion in every bite. Garlic, Onion, Chive and Parsley are mixed into every inch which make for a very delightful snacking cheese.

Sparky's Fury: A Cheddar-Style cheese that is full of flavor and burns slow. After a few bites of this hot pepper cheese be prepared for it to bite back!  Great on a spicy grilled cheese or just for a spicy snack.

ACS 2018 1st Place Award Winner!!!

Trailhead: A Cheddar-Style cheese that is has warm/earthy tasting tones.  This cheese in flavored with green peppercorn, paprika and some other herbs to make it be a delicious Fall/Winter favorite!

​ACS 2018 2nd Place Award Winner!!!!

Krabbe Kase: A Cheddar-Style cheese with a delicious infusion that will remind you of a crab feast!  A delicious snacking cheese with a savory seafood seasoning that satisfies the urge to crack open a Maryland crab.

Big Savage Stout: If you love beer and you love cheese then you have met your perfect match!  This is a Cheddar-Style cheese that is soaked in a delicious Stout beer.  Chocolatey and rich which is even more pronounced when melted and warm.