12 oz  |  16oz

Gourmet Coffee (Rise Up)-----------------$1.99    $2.79

Chai Tea (Hot or Iced)---------------------$1.69    $1.99

Hot Tea----------------------------------$1.49     $1.79

Iced Tea ---------------------------------$1.49     $1.79

Farm Fresh Milk -------------------------$1.49     $1.99

Farm Fresh Chocolate Milk ---------------$1.49     $1.99

Orange Juice------------------------------$.99               ​Monin Syrup-----------------------------$.25           


Toast w/Fruit Cheese Spread ----------------------------$1.79

Pancake Stack--------------- ---------------------------$6.79

          *w/local Maple Syrup (extra Syrup $1.75)

Breakfast Burrito (egg, cheese & potatoes) ---------------$4.79

Cheese Omelet w/toast---------------------------------$3.99
 Egg and Cheese Sandwich ------------------------------$4.29

 Farmers Breakfast -------------------------------------$7.89

          *2 local eggs, home fries & homemade toast       

Denver Omelet w/toast--------------------------------$6.67 

          *Veggies, cheese and ham     

Sausage Gravy & Biscuits-------------*1/2 $3.99       *Full $7.89                           

** Add local bacon, sausage or ham to any of the above--$1.50


Hand Dipped Ice Cream (​​Cone or Cup) ---------$2.75

          *Extra Scoop: $1.50   

Mini/Child Size Cone or Cup-------------------$.99 

 Milk Shake (Chocolate or Vanilla)--------------$5.75   Root Beer Float-------------------------------$5.75

Call our kitchen to place an order for pick-up!

(240) 979-0620

Ext. 1005

Cooked Fresh! From Farm to Table!

All Things Cheese:

 Grilled Cheese--------------------------------$2.99

          w/Meadow Mtn and Sharp Cheddar                                                 Caramelized Bacon Grilled Cheese------------$6.59   High Country Quesadilla----------------------$3.99

          w/Meadow Mtn, Sharp & Sparky's Fury Cheddar, fresh salsa & Sour Cream  Poutine --------------------------------------$4.49

          *French fries, cheese curds & brown gravy                                 Beer Battered Deep Fried Cheese Curds                                    *Individual-------------------------------$3.79


For the Kiddos:

Peanut Butter and Jelly (with homemade chips) -----$2.99

Chicken Strips (with french fries) ------------------$4.79




(served with homemade chips | substitute fries for $1.25)

Grilled Cheese | Tomato Soup Combo -------------------$5.99

Reuben Sandwich --------------------------------------$6.49

          *Dill Cheddar, Pastrami & sauerkraut on rye bread w/TI Dressing                            Western Maryland Cheeseburger (Sharp Cheddar)                                  

  *4 oz.---------------------------------------------$6.49

*8 oz.---------------------------------------------$9.99

Big Savage Cheeseburger (Stout Cheddar, grilled onions and mushrooms)

*4 oz.---------------------------------------------$6.49
*8 oz.---------------------------------------------$9.99

Philly Cheese Steak Wrap -------------------------------$7.99

​*Any sandwich: add bacon | add egg--------------------------$2.89 | $1.00

 Hog Gobbler--------------------------------------------$5.79                     *Ham, Turkey, Sharp & Sparky's Cheddar

Handmade Flatbreads

Mediterranean Flatbread Pizza--------------------------$6.49    *Feta & Olive Feta, spinach & tomatoes                                           
BBQ Chicken Flatbread Pizza----------------------------$6.49

*HCC mozzarella & sauteed peppers & onions                                                    

Build Your Own-----------------------------------------$6.49

          Includes cheese plus 2 toppings: Onions, peppers, olives, tomatoes,                             mushrooms, banana peppers, jalapeno peppers       

         *Each additional topping $.25

          *Additional meat $1.00 (steak, chicken, pepperoni, burger)  

          *Extra cheese $.50


French Fry Basket-------------------------------------$3.49

          *Add cheese or gravy $.1.00
Side Salad or Side Greek Salad-------------------------$3.59
Homemade Tomato Soup or Soup of the Day-----------$2.99
Beer Battered Pickle Spears ----(Ea) $.48  (6)  $2.88  (12)  $5.80 

Specialty Salads

Grilled Chicken Or Steak-------------------$6.79

          Mixed greens w/cucumbers, onions, peppers, tomatoes,

             mushrooms, shredded cheddar or feta and choice of                       house made dressing: ranch, honey poppy, lemon                           poppy, balsamic vinegar, sweet & sour, honey mustard                   or greek

Greek Grilled Chicken Salad-----------------$6.79

          Bed of spinach, feta & olive feta, olives, red onion,                             tomatoes, cucumbers w/greek dressing

*Add Local Raised Egg (add on) to any meal-$1.00

*Add local bacon, sausage or ham (add on)

to any meal-$2.89

Scratch made/in house breads, soups, dressings...etc.

Locally sourced meats, eggs, jams, sauces, veggies and the best CHEESE around!!!