Schaffer Candy

(Located in Meyersdale, PA)

​Chocolate Cows

At High Country Creamery and Market, we pride ourselves in providing our customers and the community with farm fresh items. Not only in our local artisan cow cheese, but also in the ingredients at our "Farmers Table" eatery and the products available for purchase in our Market. Bring a friend and stop by to see items from the suppliers and partners listed below:

​Stanton's Mill

(Located in Grantsville, MD)

Flour, Corn Meal, Pancake Mix, etc.

Savage River Farms

(Located in Pocohontas, PA)

Country & Sweet Italian Pork Sausage 

(they use our Whey to feed their pigs)

​Western MD Lemonade

(Located in Cumberland, MD)

​Fresh flavored lemonades

​Grandma's Jams

(Located in Accident, MD)

Honey, Jams, Apple Butter, Salsa, etc.

Yoder's Eggs

(Located in Springs, PA)

​Local Amish Grown Eggs

Toasted Goat Winery

(Located in Frostburg, MD)

Wine used for Buzzed Bovine

South Mountain Creamery

(Located in Middletown, MD)

​Milk, Yogurt, Drinkable Yogurt, Cream, etc.​​

Working H Meats

(Located in Friendsville, MD)

Chicken, Steaks, Hamburger, Beef Bologna, etc.​​


Valley View: Maple Syrup

Garden City Bees: Soaps

Aunt Millies: loom rugs and Crazy Quilt pillow/bags

Melinda Bender: Loom placemats

Jim Price: Wood home decor

Milton Beachy: loom rugs

Marlin Bender: Coffee Scoops

Nancy Yoder: Bath salts, dog treats

Black Bear Maple Camp

Bob Shivley: Carved wood bowls/spoons

Eric Armel: Carved wood spoons

Starlight: Dog collars and leashes

​DeBerry Farm

(Located in Oakland, MD)

Potatoes, Hot Pepper Jelly, Squash, etc.